Christ the King

    Week Commencing November 22nd

Today’s Gospel: John 18.33-37

This is part of John’s account of Jesus’ trial before Pilate. Pilate has met with those Jews seeking his death outside his “headquarters”, the praetorium. He has asked: what charge, valid in Roman law, do you have to bring against him? (v. 29). V. 30 shows that they have none to propose. Pilate refuses to get involved by telling them to try him under Jewish law. They then make it obvious that they seek Jesus’ death.

Now Pilate goes inside the praetorium and asks Jesus: are you the leader of a revolutionary movement? In return, Jesus asks him: Is this question your idea, based on what you have heard, or did others put you up to it? Pilate shows his scorn for Jews; the religious authorities seek your death, but what grounds are there for killing you? In v. 36, Jesus begins to explain the nature of his kingship. Were he a rebel leader, his followers “would be fighting to keep me from being handed over” to the religious authorities, but he is no threat to Pilate’s authority. Pilate picks up on Jesus words “my kingdom”. Jesus is king of “truth” (v. 37); his subjects are those who belong to the truth. He was “born” and “came into the world” to establish the kingdom of God, the ultimate truth.
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Music Today

Sir William Walton is a respected composer without a long list of renowned teachers. The Crown Imperial March was written on commission by the BBC for the coronation of Edward the VIII, but was premiered instead at the coronation of King George VI on May 12, 1937.

Denis Bédard was born in Quebec City in 1950, and came to Vancouver in 2001 where he taught Michael organ at UBC from 01-04. Laureate of the "Prix d'Europe" in 1975, and of the CBC Radio Talent Competition in 1978, since September 2001 has been organist and music director of Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver.

Volunteers Wanted for Bulb Planting at SJS Nov 28

Are you interested in bulb planting on Saturday Nov. 28th? Please contact Robyn Woodward or call the office for more information.

The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund - PWRDF

The Kakuma refugee camp in north-western Kenya is home to 180,000 people who have fled conflicts throughout central and eastern Africa. Originally built to house 40,000 people, Kakuma is located in a semi-aridpart of Kenya, meaning that having enough water for over four times its initial population can be a considerable challenge. And yet Noah Errambona, a Burundian fisherman who wanted to continue to practice his profession even as a refugee, is leading a group of 12 entrepreneurial fellow refugees in running a fish farm.

The fish breeding project would seem, at first glance, to be difficult to support because ponds require a lot of water, a resource in short supply at Kakuma. But the group has worked innovatively to integrate their project into the community. The ponds provide water for the crops of refugees who are farming in the camp, for example. Other groups of refugees are raising chickens, and the chicken droppings are used to feed the growing fish.

The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) supports the refugees of Kakuma through its partnership with the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK). NCCK and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) are working to secure a more stable water source that will make the project more sustainable. Water will always be a precious resource at Kakuma, but its scarcity will not deter the refugees there from finding ways to work together to improve their own situation. To support the water-related work of the NCCK and other PWRDF partners make your donation payable to PWRDF and earmarked for “Water projects in Africa.”

The “Homework” of Food Security in Cuba

A graduate of the food security training of the Cuban Council of Churches’ Sustainable Development Program, Bishop Griselda Delgado took her homework seriously. As a parish priest at St. Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church in Itabo, Cuba, she returned to establish what has become a small farm on church and adjacent property. That farm has raised vegetable beds, flowers, fruit trees, pigs, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and beehives. Reaching out beyond its four walls, the church provides potable water to the community from its water filtration system.

When Griselda was elected bishop of the Episcopal Church in Cuba, she took her homework with her to her new national role, establishing the Integrated Development Prograhi that PWRDF has supported since its inception. Like the CCC’S Sustainable Development Program, the IDP seeks to train .and support people in local Episcopal parishes to develop and carry out food growing and conservation projects.

Bishop Griselda understands this “development” work to be rooted in what it means to be faithful in Cuba today: “A congregation should go out from the Church and reach the community, to share and live the Gospel with it, she writes.”

To support the ongoing food security work of the Episcopal Church of Cuba’s Integrated Development Program, make your donation payable to PWRDF and earmarked for “Food Security in Cuba.”

Psalm 101

SJS is proud to be the only church in our diocese to present the Psalm in Anglican quadruple chant. This can be quite a challenge for those who have not been familiarized with it, and we invite those to come at 9:45am as the choir will rehearse it then for you to 'preview' how it will go during the service. Further to that, our Music Director Michael Dirk will be happy to offer individual coaching/guidance during the hospitality time following service.

Donations Wanted for Vancouver’s UGM: socks & underwear!

The Union Gospel Mission in the Downtown Eastside is in high need of new warm socks and underwear during the cold winter months.

We contacted them about collecting these items for donation, and they also mentioned other items they are collecting. These items can be used, but must be clean and in good condition: winter coats, hats, gloves, mittens, sweaters and blankets. Please wash well if they have a musty smell from storage.

Parishioners who prefer to donate cash can earmark their donations UGM, and we will purchase bulk socks and underwear at Costco to deliver to the UGM. We will be collecting these items during Advent. Please leave your donations in the narthex in bags or boxes labeled UGM.

9:30 am - 12:30 pm at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, 1440 W12th.
- with Rev’d Dr Richard Topping, Principal of Vancouver School of Theology

An opportunity to learn about central topics of ongoing discussion within the Christian church. Topics we will explore include the Trinity, the Bible, creation and humanity, sin, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church and hope for this world and the next. What’s God got to do with it?

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November 22 Newsletter (pdf) HERE

Letter from the Bishop of the
Diocese of New Westminster

on the Paris attacks

Nov 22
Christ the King

8 am Holy Communion
    10 am Eucharist
2 Samuel 23.1-7
Psalm 132
Revelation 1.4b-8
John 18.33-37

"The beginning of the world"
(Mother Elizabeth Ruder-Celiz)

Motet - "God Omnipotent Reigneth" (Charles Wood)

"Crown Imperial March" (Wm Walton)

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Sunday Nov 29 - 7pm
Lessons and Carols for Advent

with Reception following



Last Sunday

Nov 15
  25th Sunday after Pentecost

8 am Holy Communion
  10 am Eucharist
7 pm Taize Song and Prayer

1 Samuel 1.4-20
Canticle - Song of Hannah (1 Samuel 2.1-10)
Hebrews 10.11-25
Mark 13.1-8

"Stronger than evil" (Mother Elizabeth Ruder-Celiz)

Motet - "Prevent us, O Lord" (Byrd/Parry)


Nov 8 - "Forgiving the Forgiven"
(Mother Elizabeth Ruder-Celiz)

Motet - "Agnus Dei" (M Duruflé Requiem Op 9)

Nov 11 - "Remember ... Think"  
(Mother Elizabeth Ruder-Celiz)

"Kontakion" (Rupert Lang)

Nov 1 (All Saints) "Saints Above and Below"
  (Mother Elizabeth Ruder-Celiz)

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