Palm Sunday

Week Commencing 29 March 2015

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Holy Week & Easter

This is the holiest week of the Christian year and one of the most neglected. I urge you, no I implore you to consider this as a possibility of deepening your own spiritual life and enriching the life of St John's. It is always surprising that we can find time to do all sorts of other things, except exercise discipline when it comes to church attendance. We have a full programme planned for this week with liturgy from Palm Sunday, excellent music and hopefully inspiring sermons. Above all we have the opportunity follow our Lord through the week’s activities, to his arrest and trial, to his crucifixion and on to his resurrection. To benefit fully from this you need to commit yourself to attending as much as is possible, preferably all of it. It will not make you a religious maniac but it might change the whole of your life!


Easter Sunday Choral Evensong

We finish our week with Choral Evensong at 6pm. Next to the Eucharist, one of the loveliest services in the Anglican tradition. As a finale Michael Dirk is planning for the choir, a small orchestra and the congregation to sing the Alleluia Chorus from Handel’s Messiah. Something else to look forward to!


Bible Study

Tuesday, April 7th  7:30pm in my West End apartment
Tuesday, April 14th  7pm here in the church

There will be no Bible Studies now until after Easter when we shall recommence on Tuesday 7th April in my apartment. We shall begin the study over again given the low number of attendees at the previous groups in the West End. My intention would be to précis the first two sessions and begin our journey to the seven churches of Asia Minor. We will alternate the location every week, repeating the same study at both locations, and will offer light refreshments and an interactive study. Why not give it a try?

Fr Michael Fuller


Music This Week

Little is known about the life of the English composer Thomas Weelkes: appointed organist of Winchester College in 1598, he moved to Chichester Cathedral in 1601/2, but was later dismissed. A consummate master of the art of word-painting, Weelkes was renowned as a madrigalist, whose second volume (published in 1600) is one of the most important collections in the English madrigal tradition.

Hosanna to the Son of David is a famous example of the English 'full' anthem – as opposed to the 'verse' anthem, which utilizes fewer forces. It opens with a majestic six-voice proclamation, and moves seamlessly between chordal outbursts and imitative passages, whose subjects can be either stepwise or angular. Dramatic to the core, the work’s power comes from its rich six-voice texture. The text is a composite paraphrase of verses from the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, detailing Jesus’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem, which ends in the unusual hybrid exclamation, "Hosanna in excelsis Deo."

Philip Owen, C.M., ODNW, Awarded Honorary Degree by VST

By action of the VST Board of Governors, the degree of Doctorate of Divinity honoris causa, will be conferred on Philip Walter Owen, C.M., ODNW, at the upcoming VST Convocation on May 11, 2015 at 7pm at Shaughnessy Heights United Church at 1550 West 33rd Avenue.

Philip Walter Owen (born March 12, 1933) was the 36th mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia from 1993 to 2002, making him one of Vancouver's longest serving mayors. The cornerstone of his political career was his belief that addiction is an illness, which requires treatment as opposed to a moral or legal lapse, which requires punishment. His innovation was entitled The Four Pillar Approach which combined prevention, treatment, law enforcement and harm reduction. He was a pioneer in this field. The policies he championed ignited a national debate, which resulted in a more nuanced view held by society. Across the country, laws and their application changed to reflect solutions other than punishment. As a result, crime and drug related illnesses were significantly reduced in urban environments. The integration of the Four Pillar Approach with the formation of Canada's Mental Health Commission resulted in an urgency being placed on housing for those people afflicted by addiction and mental illness. The change of priority from punishment to support has yielded many social benefits to individuals, families and communities.

In recent years Philip Owen has received recognition from many organizations, including B.C. Health Officers, Simon Fraser University, Lions International, Rotary International, the Brotherhood Inter-Faith Society, the B.C. Civil Liberties Association, the Richard J. Dennis Drug Peace Award (New York) and the Canadian Criminal Justice Association. He currently sits on the boards of Ovarian Cancer Canada, Opportunity International, the Salvation Army and Vancouver International Airport. He and his wife Brita have travelled to drug policy reform conferences throughout the world.
In the spring of 2008, Owen was named a Member of the Order of Canada, the country's highest civilian honour. A longtime member of St. John's, Shaughnessy Anglican Church, Philip was invested into the Order of the Diocese of New Westminster on November 1st, 2014.

Vancouver School of Theology congratulates Philip Owen on his achievement of the Doctorate of Divinity honoris causa.


Easter Sunday Flower Dedications – deadline is Palm Sunday

Every Easter St John’s is adorned with beautiful flowers, especially lilies, and fine music. We are still collecting flower dedications  -  a wonderful way to celebrate the resurrection and remember loved ones. For every ten dollars (tax deductible) we can display one six inch pot of lilies. Please send in your special flower dedications, which can be memorials or thanksgivings (any increment of ten dollars) to the office by Sunday, March 29th, to allow us plenty of time to pre-order them. Like all flower dedications, the Easter flower dedications will be printed in the Sunday leaflet. Envelopes have been placed at back of the church for this purpose. We are also accepting donations for Easter music.



This Sunday St John's children's ministry begins a concerted effort to invite children and their families to our church.

Part of this effort is the pamphlet I have made that extends an open invitation to children and our families to join us and try our children's lesson on Sunday mornings. I hope that this pamphlet will allow all of us at St John's to invite children and their families more easily. Please consider taking a pamphlet with you and handing it to a child or a parent whenever the opportunity arises.

If you are like me, you may have some reservations about inviting people to church. Let me encourage you to give this a try in spite of those fears. Keep your invitation simple, short, and sweet, and keep the focus on the fun lessons and activities the children enjoy during our Sunday service. If you're inviting a parent, maybe share one or two simple things that you appreciate about St John's. It need not be any different or more difficult than inviting someone over to your home, to a show, or anything else you might invite people to.

Please consider joining us in extending this invitation to as many children and families as possible. Thank you,

Matthew Bradsher


PWRDF  -  Primate’s World Relief and Develop Fund

How does PWRDF decide which projects to fund? People affected by a specific situation are the ones best able to identify what they need for their own development. PWRDF’s approach is to respond to initiatives designed and implemented by partner organizations in Africa,  the Middle East, Asia/Pacific, Latin American/Caribbean, and in indigenous communities in Canada.

The Board of Directors is made up of members of the Anglican laity, clergy and bishops from across  the country, as well as Canadian and International partners. It sets policy and approves general criteria for the disbursement of project funds. Staff regularly visit partners and prospective partners. They receive and carefully review both applications for project support and follow-up financial reports on the projects.

PWRDF raises it’s funds from two primary sources: project grants provided by the government of Canada thru CIDA, and from individual Canadians, mainly Anglicans. The annual budget has grown to about $6 million. About $1 million through CIDA and the rest from donations by Anglicans and other supporters.

Doug Symons,  PWRDF rep for SJS


Volunteers Wanted to Decorate the Church for Easter

We need volunteers to decorate the church for Easter. Please contact Louise Hadley ASAP and plan to be with us on Saturday morning.  If you can bring some small potted plants to decorate the window sills that would be greatly appreciated.

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March 29 Newsletter (pdf) HERE

March 29
Palm Sunday with
The reading of the Passion

8 am Holy Communion
  10 am Eucharist

The entry into Jerusalem
Mark 14.1-15
Isaiah 50.4-9
Philippians 2.5-11

The Passion according to St Mark

Motet - "Hosanna to the Son of David" (Weelkes)

Leaflet HERE


"What if Mary had said 'No'"
The Feast of the Annunciation (Fr M Fuller)

Last Sunday

March 22
5th Sunday of Lent

8 am Holy Communion
  10 am Eucharist

Jeremiah 31.31-34
Psalm 51
Hebrews 5.5-10
John 10.16-22

"Have you seen Jesus today?" (Fr M Fuller)

Motet "If ye love me" (T Tallis)



March 15 -  "Lovely Mercy" (Fr M Fuller)

March 8 - "Do you have Jesus' eyes?" (Fr M Fuller)


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"Miserere mei, Deus" (G Allegri)
Ash Wednesday
SJS Choir
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