12th Sunday after Pentecost


Week Commencing 31st August 2014

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Today’s Gospel reading; Matthew 16: 21-28

Just as the last shall be first in the kingdom, here again Jesus turns things upside down, compounding the wishes and preconceptions of his closest friends. Clearheaded, unclouded by emotion, Jesus calls Peter up for allowing his personal preferences to interfere with the purposes of God. Of course, that is hard; it is the cross that Peter, and the others including us, will have to shoulder and walk with until God’s kingdom comes. For some, Peter among them, there are literal overtones here, as he and many others have followed Christ to their own crosses.


Back to Church or Unblocking the Growth!

I have said much over the past months about inviting people to church. This is so exciting! It’s going to happen on the 14th September and we are all asked to invite someone. Don't worry about their response, just ask them! In doing so we might begin to understand what hinders St John’s from growing larger, especially if we look at it in terms of getting unstuck, rather than just getting bigger. The point is not, I hope, just to have more people on Sundays. Our true aim ought to be to make disciples.

If we remember the goal has never been to put on a performance in church per se, but to develop people with the tool called church, we can still find ways to get our people unleashed and our church unstuck. While we must reject too clinical an approach to church growth, making it devoid of God's sovereign working, so too must we refuse to attribute all the growth of some churches to the arbitrary whims of God-sent revival.

Thus, a healthy perspective on church growth leaves to God the things only God can do (the stuff we pray about), but willingly assumes responsibility for the things we can do something about. God gave me the teeth I have, but I brush them. I have two suggestions and these are only regurgitated ones you have previously heard:

1. If each person/couple invites one other person/couple a miracle will occur.

2. If we all volunteered for one extra thing, we would be falling over each other, but we would avoid resentment fatigue!


Bible Study

Our Bible Study will recommence on Tuesday, the 9th of September and is held on alternate weeks. This study group meets in my apartment in the West End at 7.30pm. I do have some limited car park passes and there is often street parking available. This is a very gentle interactive/participative study of Matthew’s Gospel, those attending usually bring some small snack e.g cheese, cold cuts, fruit or a bottle of wine to contribute to the refreshments. Anyone wishing to attend should let me know so that I can ensure they have the correct address etc.

Fr Michael Fuller


Great, swell, my favorite stop!

The 1967 Hallman organ of SJS is the largest the Ontario firm ever assembled - comprised of some 3,600 pipes from Germany and Holland - all of different lengths/widths, each adding a different 'colour' to the sound. If you look up towards the main organ case (north transept) or in the gallery, you'll notice that these pipes are arranged in rows (ranks) - numbering 61 - one for each key on the keyboard (32 for the pedals). On either side of the organist you'll find a collection white knobs, called 'stops'. When pushed in, they stop the wind to that row (rank) of pipes, when pulled out, they permit that row (rank) to speak. Each of these white knobs (stops) has a name (indicating its tambre or orchestral colour) and a number (indicating the height in feet of the lowest note).
You'll find four stops on this organ that are of the 'Gedeckt' family (one for each keyboard except the 2nd). It is of the flute family, and the pipe is not open on the top, but rather completely covered (or 'decked'). It is of smooth, round tone, and functions well on it's own, or as foundation for other pipes sound to be built upon. The most visible row (rank) can be found directly in front of the wood facade 'screen' of the main chamber.
This morning's prelude will be played exclusively on this rank.

Michael Dirk


Choral Evensong at Christ Church Cathedral
3:30pm Sept 28th

To celebrate our Cathedral's 125th Anniversary and to commemorate the Feast of St Michael & All Angels there will be a Choral Evensong with a Massed Choir from the Diocese at Christ Church Cathedral, 690 Burrard at Georgia. I do hope that many of us will join in this celebration, in addition to our own celebration of St Michael & All Angels at 10am here.


Garden Party in Tsawwassen
Saturday, September 6th, 3:00pm

Summer and I would like to invite everyone involved at SJS to our home for a potluck tea / early supper. Please talk to me after church on Sundays this summer, or leave a message for me with the office if I am away.

Karin Fulcher and Summer

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August 31

12th Sunday after Pentecost

8am Holy Communion
10 am Eucharist

Exodus 3:1-15
  Psalm 105
  Romans 12:9-21
  Matthew 16:21-28

"That's your excuse?" - M Fuller

Motet "Beati Quorum Via" (C M Stanford)

Leaflet HERE



Last Sunday

August 24

St Bartholomew
(11th Sunday after Pentecost)

with Bp Michael Ingham

8am Holy Communion
10 am Eucharist

Deuteronomy 18:15-18
Psalm 124
1 Corinthians 4:9-15
Luke 22:24-30

"Citizens of another kingdom"
Bp Michael Ingham

Motet "Beati Quorum Via" (Stanford)

Leaflet HERE


August 17 - "The Lord is with you"
Fr M Fuller

Motet "Magnificat"  (O Gibbons) 

 August 10 - "Living Belief" - Ross Bliss

August 3 - "Pickle Face" - M Forshaw

July 20 - "Hunger for changing lives" - M Fuller



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