4th Sunday of Easter

Week Commencing 26 April 2015

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The Road to Emmaus

The story of the disciples on the Emmaus Road in today’s Gospel is important for many reasons. It provides an emphasis on the Old Testament prophecies related to Jesus, evidence regarding an additional appearance of Jesus, and a connection regarding the many eye witnesses of the resurrected Jesus This passage from Luke’s Gospel is often seen as a model of the journey that Jesus makes with many of us today, as He opens our eyes, points us to the Word, Reveals Himself along life’s walk as the resurrected Saviour and Lord and feeds us with Himself in the Eucharist.

The change for the gospel reading has been approved by the Synod office.


Pre-Authorised Donation.

Thank you to those who positively responded to the request to pay by PAD, this was most encouraging. If you have not yet signed up would you please consider doing so? We have decided to provide cards for those who give by PAD so that they may be placed in the offertory plate at the the time of the collection. If you have any further questions concerning this please talk with myself or Paul Bunnell, our envelope secretary.


Bible Study
Tuesday, April 28th 7pm here in the church

Given that the majority of people prefer to meet at the church, I have cancelled the West End study group. We shall continue to meet in the church every second Tuesday, and we welcome new faces. Please join us!


Today’s Communion Anthem

Handel's Messiah is not a dramatic oratorio, but rather a collection of biblical extracts compiled as a complement and response to the story of Christ’s incarnation, death and resurrection. There are no dramatic characters, the soloists adopting a primarily prophetic voice and the chorus responding as a kind of universal congregation. It is unique among all the composer’s works, and composed in only 3 weeks. Messiah was commissioned by the Lord Lieutenant of Dublin and was an enormous success at its premiere performance in 1742.

SJS choir offered the closing chorus of Part II (Hallelujah) on Easter Sunday, and Part III opening soprano Aria 'I know my redeemer liveth' the following Sunday. This morning we offer the final chorus 'Worthy is the Lamb'.


Youth Ministry

The children are in the middle of a series of Easter lessons, which focus on expanding our understanding of Jesus' communion with his church, the Eucharist, and the early church - particularly the acts of the apostles. As we consider these topics, we are still inviting all and sundry to join us: grown-ups, you're invited to join us downstairs anytime - did I mention that we have a lot of fun? Not only do we have fun, but our Godly Play lessons are edifying and enriching for people of all ages - come play, learn, and laugh with us! Our lessons always finish before Holy Communion is served, so you would not have to miss out on the sacrament to join us for our children's lesson.

Along with our open invitation to the grown-ups of our parish, we have also officially started our outreach effort to welcome children and their families to our church and especially our children's lessons. You can help us send out our invitation to the children and families of Vancouver. Pamphlets are available for you to take and share with any children or families you would like to invite. The pamphlets are available at the front entrance to the sanctuary, and on the piano near the north chapel entrance. Please give some thought to who you know that you could invite, or take a pamphlet and hand it to a stranger - preferably one who has children. 

Finally, we are still in need of some volunteers to help with our children's lessons. This is a great, and very fun, way to serve our parish, and while the effort required is small, the rewards are great - you will benefit by knowing you have contributed to our children's formation, and the children will benefit by seeing your faith in action. Some of you have expressed interest but have yet to give me your contact information, others of you might like to know that it's never too late to be added to our roster of volunteers. Please see me after the service, or email me at: matthewpbradsher@gmail.com

Matthew Bradsher


Primates World Relief Development Fund

PWRDF sent a delegation of diocesan representatives and staff to Cuba in mid-March. They blogged while they were there. Rosemary Parker, a Youth Council member from Ontario, wrote:

For the first few days of our trip to Cuba, I noticed my stomach would feel funny two or three times a day. At first, I worried that I had consumed some non-purified water, and would start to experience other unpleasant side-effects. However, as we were walking through yet another incredible farming project supported by PWRDF partners, it occurred to me that I was not sick at all. I was hungry!

As a middle-class, educated, privileged Canadian, I have food security. I can buy food when I am hungry, I can afford food that will nourish me, and I can access food from across the world. Unlike the many marginalized groups of Canada and Cuba, I am rarely hungry.

This realization stood at odds with the stories of the people who benefit from the farming and gardening projects funded by the Episcopal Church of Cuba’s Mission Development Program and the Cuban Council of Churches’ Sustainable Development Program.

Personal and societal barriers (such as isolation, disability, poverty and rationing) prevent many Cubans across the country from accessing adequate, nutritious, and locally produced foods. It was therefore challenging for us as a group to visit these church-based projects and to be served by them.

To be continued next week….

Doug Symons,
PWRDF rep for SJS


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April 26
  4th Sunday of Easter

8 am Holy Communion
10 am Eucharist

Acts 4.5-12
Easter Anthems
1 John 3.16-24
  Luke 24.13-35

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Last Sunday

April 19
  3rd Sunday of Easter

8 am Holy Communion
10 am Eucharist

Acts 3.12-19
Easter Anthems
  1 John 3.1-7
  Luke 24.36b-48

"Finding Love's Limit" (Fr M Fuller)

"Let all mortal flesh keep silence"
(arr R V Williams)

L.eaflet HERE


April 12 - "Storying Discipleship" (Fr M Fuller)

April 5 Easter Day
"Transformed into Love" (Fr M Fuller)

From Choral Evensong

"I know that my Redeemer liveth"
(G F Handel - Arianna Ervin)
"Magnificat" (Stanford in C)
"Nunc Dimittis" (Stanford in C)
"Blessed be God and Father" (S S Wesley)

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